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Rebel Óg Website Upgrade Launched

posted 25 Jan 2013, 03:04 by Unknown user   [ updated 25 Jan 2013, 03:04 ]
Rebel Óg Chairman Marc Sheehan has welcomed the relaunch of a new look Rebl Óg website after two initial years in existence. He congratulated all associated with the website and is confident that all clubs and users will find the new layout easier to navigate and populated with extra up to date information. Since its launch in April 2011, has seen over 1.9 Million hits on the website, attracting visitors from 97 different countries from Ireland to Japan to Australia.
The website has been a huge resource for boards to share its news through our news items, features, to fixtures/results, league placing and most importantly championship details. Clubs and individuals now have access to relevant, county wide information 24 hours a day with the click of a button.
The Rebel Óg site now offers photos from games to events to presentations, along with up to date news as it happens. The main feature is the latest fixture results information. Speaking at the launch of the website Rebel Óg P.R.O. Cian O'Brien thanked the clubs for their huge support with the development of the site. "Clubs support has been fantastic; they have helped the website grow. Their commitment to submitting results via text message after each game to make sure results are available, that competitions are update allows for our competitions to run smoothly."
Now the website has almost 170 different competitions under its umbrella.
Since early November Rebel Óg has been working on the development of the website. Following a needs analysis with stakeholders we are now making the website more user friendly
The new website which has been developed by John Lee of Sportsmanager, will offer more to all visitors. It is more user friendly, giving the visitor the information they are looking for once they reach the site.
The main home page will offer access to the four regional sections where fixtures and results will appear for the respective board.
On the homepage, the site navigation has been redeveloped to allow for easier access to all aspects of the site. News items will continue to be available here as well along with revolving photos.
A new fixture results box will allow users to see all recent results across all sections of the Rebel Óg boards. The website will now have live updates from our twitter and facebook page along with a development squad's website link and a clubs section.
Fixtures and Results will now be easier to find as all regional boards will be getting their own dedicated section to where their league groupings, tables, and fixtures information will be based along with championship draws when they take place.
Finally on Tuesday 22nd January all changes, building and design of the site was finished ahead of our launch today. Check out to see our new website.