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Manager:-     Sean Hurley
Tel:-                086-8418067
Trainer:-        Peter Murphy
Selectors:-     Sean Hurley, Kieran O'Shea & Peter Murphy

Manager:-     Bernard Harrington 
Tel:-                027-63021
Trainers:-      Denis McCarthy 
Selectors:-     Bernard Harrington, Denis McCarthy   

Manager:-     Tony McElhinney
Tel:-                087-2357308 
Trainers:-      Peter Murphy, Tony McElhinney  
Selectors:-     Tony McElhinney, Peter Murphy

Manager:-    Terence O'Shea 
Tel:-               087-2598772
Trainers:-     Terence O'Shea  
Selectors:-    Terence O'Shea

Manager:-    Eugene McCarthy
Tel:-               087-9685339
Trainers:-     Eugene McCarthy
Selectors:-    Eugene McCarthy, David Murphy, Mike O'Brien


Manager:-    Jeremy Cotter
Tel:-               087-2213035
Trainers:-     Jeremy Cotter, Gerard Galvin
Selectors:-    Jeremy Cotter, Gerard Galvin

Manager:-     Denis O'Shea
Tel:-               Contact Mary O'Sullivan (Club Secretary)
Trainers:-     Denis O'Shea, Martin Collins, Mike O'Shea
Selectors:-    Denis O'Shea, Martin Collins, Mike O'Shea

Manager:-    As per Under 10's
Tel:-               As per Under 10's
Trainers:-     As per Under 10's
Selectors:-    As per Under 10's